While I don't have the faintest clue what exploration Steam is referencing I know good deals when I see them and there are plenty to be found here.

The Steam exploration sale will be going from today (25th) to the 1st of December and while there don't seem to be flash sales the daily deals are more numerous then ever. Also, you can get a decent discount on the community market by using the SteamGuard Mobile App so if there are any skins you're interested in now would be the time.

If you're interested I'll detail my personal favorites below:

Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition (-66%)

Following Fallout 4's success I am betting a lot of new people got introduced to the Fallout universe. While New Vegas is weaker on the gameplay front than Fallout 4 it has one of the most realistic depictions of a post apocalyptic world. It is one of my favorite games that I reinstall every so often.

And the DLC (which is included) is simply phenomenal with the highlight being The Old World Blues where you're transported in to a science facility run by strange figures who enlist you for help in combating their failed experiments. I don't want to spoil much but sufficed to say its well written, funny and truly enjoyable to explore.

The Walking Dead: Season 1 (-75%)

You've probably heard plenty of praise for this game from plenty of people, and honestly, it really deserves it. The fact that Telltale single-handedly resurrected the entire point and click storytelling genre with it tells you how good The Walking Dead is. Its not perfect though, your choices matter little and the graphics aren't great by any stretch but at the end of the day it belongs in the small category of things that made me tear up.

Cities: Skylines (-50%)

After the massive disappointment that was Sim City I lost hope that we would see another competent city building game any time soon. Then Cities: Skylines came along and slapped me across the face. By that I mean it was an excellent city builder with nice big plots you can develop and plenty of little people whose lives you could make worse trough sheer incompetency. What else could I want from life?

Life Is Strange (-33%)

While its not on a massive discount Life is Strange took the Telltale style of episodic storytelling to a new level. It initially put me off with some cringe worthy dialogue in the earlier episodes but as you go further on the story becomes quite compelling. What did get me invested in to the game was how your choices actually matter, some decisions made early on carried all the way in to the finale which was a breath of fresh air given how Telltale was handling it.

Those are my top picks for today's sale, I'll keep you updated with the sales as they change day to day.