Aperture Desk Job screenshot showing the thumbs-up robot

Now that the initial batch of orders have been confirmed, Valve's much-anticipated Steam Deck handheld PCs have finally begun shipping. So in an effort to help everyone familiarize themselves with the controls, as well as to showcase just what the Steam Deck is capable off, Valve has now unleashed the free Aperture Desk Job 'game'.

As the brief description will quickly tell you, this is not Portal 3 or anything like it! Yes, Aperture Desk Job is set in the same universe and shares the shame style of humor, but it's more of an amusing tech demo than a fully fledged game. In fact, Aperture Desk Job will likely take you a mere 30 minutes to complete, which is probably a good thing as it ensures it doesn't overstay its welcome.

What all of this looks like in actual gameplay, that you can get a small teaser of through the recently posted trailer. Have a peek, it's a fairly short and charming one:

The final thing worth mentioning is that while Aperture Desk Job has been designed with the Steam Deck in mind, it's fully playable without it. All you need is literally any Steam supported controller and you'll be able to get through the short experience without a hitch. So if you're a fan of Portal and you're itching for something new to sink your teeth into, I'd say that Aperture Desk Job is well worth the trouble.

You can check it out, as well as read some of the player reviews, over at Steam. Have fun grading toilets!

Aperture Desk Job screenshot of the player grading toilets