Steam has introduced tiered bundle pricing

If you're like me and you live in a bundle-less world because you always seem to have exactly 50% of the games thus rendering any discount you might get completely pointless, then I have some good news for you.

In a recent message sent to developers Valve has announced that the option of tiered bundle pricing is now available for use and already in effect for some bundles, such as the complete Valve pack which I can currently buy at ~50% off due to owning 50% of the games in there, as usual.

Steam Bundle price without discount

The same bundle as the one pictured above, but without owning any of the games

This system is still new so don't expect every single bundle to transition immediately, or ever, but its a welcome step in the right direction and one that makes bundles far more appealing to actual fans of the material rather than just newcomers.

The tiered pricing system is still seemingly in a testing phase with only a few developers using it but given the timing of Valve's message I'd say its reasonable to expect it to appear in full swing this Steam summer sale.