State of Decay 2 screenshot of the newly added pirate outfit

If you ever wanted to just take a break from the zombie apocalypse and go for a short holiday, you'll be glad to hear State of Decay 2 has now added a brand new difficulty setting - Green Zone. It's essentially a more relaxed, accessible apocalypse, designed for those that would love to explore the world of State of Decay 2 without too much stress.

What this means in gameplay terms is that the enemies will deal less damage, your stamina will last significantly longer in a fight, while the special freak zombies will be much rarer. You will also be able to find more resources in rucksacks, scavenging will deliver more weapons and skill books, and most importantly, any sort of crafting and building will be cheaper. Doing all of this will obviously remove most of the challenge, so I'd recommend only giving the Green Zone a try once you've gone through State of Decay 2 the normal way.

Besides the green zone, the update has also increased fuel capacity for all vehicles, increased resource storage for all bases, and made it so it's easier to find containers in secured buildings. And if you're feeling a bit nautical, there's also an assortment of pirate-themed gear and weapons to acquire by completing bounties.

You can read the full list of changes, as well as keep track of future updates, over at Steam. Have fun, and I'll leave you with the latest developer video discussing the Green Zone: