Stardew Valley's new relationship option

Stardew Valley is one of my favorite games released this year, and with the recent appearance of Update 1.1 it has become even better! There are now five farms to choose from, each one focusing on a certain aspect of gameplay, as well as a whole bunch of new items, buildings, events, and relationships to enjoy.

You can find the full (and extremely long) patch notes by heading over here, but if you're just interested in the short version I'd recommend you watch the recently posted trailer. It should get you up to speed on all of the big features, while the rest you'll be able to figure out yourself through a few hours of gameplay. Have a look:

The update hasn't added much in terms of pure content, but there are tons of tiny changes that all come together to make Stardew Valley's world and its characters that much more engaging. The biggest and most exciting change for me is the addition of new farm maps, which are great not only because of their gameplay effects, but also because they allow you to even further customize the appearance of your estate!

Now that Update 1.1 is out of the way, what awaits us in Stardew Valley's future? Well, according to previous information we can expect to see console ports, multiplayer, and some super-secret features at some point in the future. The exact time frame hasn't been given just yet, hence my vagueness, but given that these technical features are being developed by Chucklefish I would imagine we'll hear more about them in the near future.

Until then, I fully recommend you give Stardew Valley a try. Its the best Harvest Moon game I've ever played, and much to my surprise, all of it was made by one guy!

Stardew Valley's newly added snowy farm map