Stardew Valley screenshot

Stardew Valley, as you might know, has been been entirely developed by ConcernedApe (Eric Barone) and while that has done wonders for its gameplay and visuals, the technical aspects of development are not so easy to handle alone. Thankfully, after the relatively recent partnership with the publisher Chucklefish, Stardew Valley has been announced for many more platforms as there is now an entire team working on the technical side of things while ConcernedApe handles future content updates.

The first example of this partnership in action has appeared yesterday as Stardew Valley has been released for both Mac and Linux platforms simultaneously. The Steam build has already been updated, so if you own a copy of Stardew Valley on Steam you will be able to play it on any of the platform without a single issue. The GOG version will only get updated in a couple of days, however, so stay tuned if you've bought it over there.

Besides the newly added Mac and Linux platforms, Stardew Valley is going to be available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U at some point in the future. And don't worry, the team is working on improving the rather... basic controller support.

As a final note and a little teaser of things to come, ConcernedApe simply restated that the work on multiplayer, version 1.1 and localization are still in the works. If you're interested in learning a few more tidbits about any of those features, simply head over to the official website and give the various blog posts a look.