Stardew Valley old screenshot of the mines

Stardew Valley recently celebrated its one year anniversary, and in order to show how much the game has evolved over time the developer ConcernedApe released a bunch of in-development screenshots from some fairly ancient versions of Stardew Valley... or Sprout Valley as it was called back then. If this sounds like something you might be interested in I fully encourage you to check the blog post out, its quite fascinating to read knowing how far Stardew Valley has come.

But if you're just looking to see what Stardew Valley looked like a couple of years ago, here's some of my favorite screenshots and a brief explanation of what they represent:

Stardew Valley screenshot of the old version of Leah's Cottage

Leah's Cottage looked noticeably more plain back in 2012

Stardew Valley old screenshot of the farm

The farm from 2012 - some elements have remained more or less the same.

Stardew Valley old screenshot of the bar

The bar did not look nearly as appealing back in the day.

Stardew Valley screenshot of the old version of mines

The next iteration looked noticeably better. This is a screenshot of the prodecurally generated mines which were eventually scrapped.

The old town map from Stardew Valley

The 2013 version of Stardew Valley didn't have the Joja Mart or Community Center.

Stardew Valley old drawing of Linus

Initially all characters were hand-drawn by ConcernedApe himself.

And there you have it, a brief history of Stardew Valley and how many reworks it took before reaching the success it has today. And speaking of which, if you've never tried Stardew Valley allow me to try and convince you to give it a shot. Its one of the best indie games I've played the past year, so if you have even an inkling of interest in these types of games I would definitely recommend you check it out.