StarCraft Remastered official artwork and logo

StarCraft Remastered, as you would expect from the name alone, will be a complete overhaul of one of the most popular games of all time - StarCraft: Brood War. It will bring with it 4k graphics and support for modern resolutions, 1080p cinematics, proper keybinding support, as well as an improved online matchmaking and ladder system. Most importantly of all, however, StarCraft Remastered will not be changing any of original's gameplay elements, so things like Mutalisk stacking and derpy Dragoon AI will remain just as they are.

While the recently posted "We Are Under Attack!" trailer won't really give you any information about StarCraft Remastered, its such a bizarre yet intriguing video that I would highly recommend you give it a look anyway. Without further ado, here it is:

StarCraft: Remastered will be coming in late August, though no exact release date has been revealed just yet. What Blizzard did reveal, however, is the price tag, and I'm very glad to say it's a fairly reasonable $15. If this is the sort of price you're okay with, and you don't mind pre-ordering games based on a couple of screenshots alone, you can get the Korhal Command Center, Aiur Nexus, and Char Hive skins as a little pre-order bonus. You can find out more by visiting the official store page, but if you're just interested in the new skins here's what they look like:

StarCraft Remastered screenshot of the pre-order bonus skins