Screenshot of the Starcraft: Remastered visual overhaul by CarBot Animations

If you've been playing Blizzard games for a while, then chances are you're well aware of CarBot Animations and their series on StarCraft, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft and so forth. If not, just imagine a whole bunch of inside-jokes loosely tied together with goofy animations and you'll be pretty close!

While CarBot Animations had quite a few bits of artwork featured in both Starcraft and Heroes of the Storm, their latest collaboration with Blizzard is just a little bit larger in scope. Instead of a couple of icons or even models, CarBot Animations will soon be releasing a complete graphics pack for Starcraft: Remastered!

And when I say complete, I really do mean complete as the CarBot graphics pack will cover every single aspect of Starcraft: Remastered. All of the units, buildings, effects, missions intros, maps, terrains and even environmental objects are getting a goofy overhaul.

According to the announcement video, it took CarBot Animations more than a year to assemble all of this, and given the quality of the previews I can definitely see why. Here's one of the demos they showcased during the most recent KSL tournament:

If this looks like the type of nonsense you might enjoy, you'll be glad to hear that the CarBot graphics pack will be coming to Starcraft: Remastered this July 10th.