TotalBiscuit as a custom announcer in Starcraft 2

To say that TotalBiscuit has simply been involved in Starcraft 2 would be one hell of an understatement. He not only spent a lot of time casting official matches, but he actually went the extra mile by creating his own competitive team and even funding a couple of tournaments. All of that eventually came to an end, but his impact on Starcraft 2 has been anything but minor.

So if you ever wanted TotalBiscuit to 'cast' your matches, you'll be glad to hear that Blizzard has just announced that the Cynical Brit will be joining Starcraft 2 as a custom announcer in the next patch! You can find a bunch of preview clips by heading over to the official website, but if you're familiar with TotalBiscuit's style of humor you should already know what you're getting into.

There is currently no release date set for the upcoming patch, but there is something you can do to ensure your 'piece' of TotalBiscuit while waiting. You have until January 26th to send Blizzard your best TotalBiscuit impression, emulating as much of his personality and mannerisms as possible, with the top five favorites receiving the TotalBiscuit announcer for free the moment it becomes available. You can find the official rules by heading over here, and good luck!