Starcraft 2 artwork showing the three races

While Starcraft 2's Map Editor is quite impressive and far more advanced than its Warcraft 3 counterpart, it unfortunately has one rather crippling issue - it is too complex for beginners. The best example of this is the process to change a single character model. In Warcraft 3 this was as simple as going to a drop-down menu and selecting what you like, whereas in Starcraft 2 you pretty much need an online guide in order to figure out what in the world you're even looking for.

With that in mind, I am very happy to say that this newest update has now greatly improved and simplified the Map Editor. While it may have taken Blizzard far too many years to do this, the Starcraft 2 editor has now finally taken cues from the Warcraft 3 one and offers a variety of functions and features through easy-to-use menus. So if you ever wanted to make your own map but didn't even know where to start, this new update is definitely worth checking out.

Besides making things easier to use, the Map Editor update has also brought in some long-requested features to spice things up. You can now create significantly taller cliffs, have units march in a nice and orderly formation without having to micromanage it all yourself, and perhaps most importantly for certain custom games, ships will now actually sail on water rather than awkwardly float around!

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg, however, so if you're curious about what the new Map Editor has to offer, you should head on over to the Starcraft 2 website. Have fun!