Starcraft 2's main heroes

If you find the default Starcraft 2 announcers to be terribly boring, and would instead prefer to have someone like Alarak spend the entire game questioning your worth, you'll be glad to hear that Starcraft 2's upcoming Patch 3.7 will be bringing with it a bunch of cosmetic customization options! You'll soon be able to adjust the armor and appearance of your units, their dance animations, your decal and player icon, and naturally, the smooth voice of your friendly announcer.

Since these are some fairly major changes, to Starcraft 2 anyway, the developers have prepared a Patch Overview video to guide you through all of these new additions. Here's the video:

On the more competitive side of things, Patch 3.7 will also bring with it the separation of MMR (matchmaking rating) by race. In other words, you'll soon be able to play your weaker races against equally skilled opponents, without actually impacting your enjoyment of the game when you finally return to your favorite race. If you're wondering how all of this will work when it comes to placement matches, here's a brief explanation from Blizzard themselves:

"When you first login after Patch 3.7 is applied, there will be a new season for which you will need to play five (5) placement matches before being placed for any given race, even if you placed into the ladder with that race during the previous season. This will ensure that players who played as multiple races prior to this patch can receive accurate rankings for each individual race. 

As you complete your placement matches, you’ll receive a ranking for each of the race options. This rank is completely unaffected by any games you play as another race option, including ‘Random’. We’ve opted to give the Random race option it’s very own ranking as well, since people can identify with being “a random player” and we wanted to preserve the meaning and value behind choosing this race option."

There is currently no release date set for Patch 3.7, but if you ask me it can't come soon enough. Not only is the extra customization a most welcome addition, but the MMR separation is something I've been wishing for the past ~20 years... and now its finally here! Now I'll be able to get humiliated with not only the Protoss, but the other two races as well!