I've seen numerous other gaming April Fools gags permeate the Internet, my favorite of which is The Witcher 3's Roach documentary, but for some reason most people missed the Starcraft 2 one.

And that is a damn shame since someone at Blizzard put a lot of love and effort in to creating the premier Starcraft 2 racing simulator - Maximum Novadrive, starring everyone's favorite, and somehow still the most generic Ghost operative, Nova.

All you need to play is a functioning keyboard with at least four buttons situated next to each other, a pair of eyeballs, and an easily accessible way of reducing the volume unless you're a fan of listening to the engine purr loudly enough to convince you there's a pirate party in there somewhere.

On a slightly more serious note, give it a try, its actually a faithful homage to racing games of old, and a whole lot of fun to boot! 

If you're interested in learning more about Terra Nova (yes, that's her actual name), the first part of the Strarcraft 2: Nova Covert Ops DLC campaign has released two days ago, and from what I've seen on the Blizzard forums, its a few hours of solid RTS goodness.

Starcraft 2's April Fools joke is Maximum Novadrive

Race other cars, chase the high score, go deaf!