Starcraft 2 holiday event brings double exp as well as hourly tournaments

Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void might have a really cliche story but on the gameplay front it brought in a lot of improvements such as automated tournaments, co-op game modes, nifty cosmetic rewards and a whole bunch more.

So if you were ever interested in improving yourself in SC2 or just wanted to try out some co-op with a friend now would be the time because there is a double experience event going on as well as hourly tournaments that will allow you to test your mettle at any point in the day.

The double experience, for those that aren't following Starcraft 2, means you will gain cosmetic rewards quicker as well as unlock new stuff for your heroes in the co-op Commander missions. In other words, don't worry, Starcraft 2 hasn't gone down the pay 2 win route.

The Christmas event will run from December 24 to January 3, starting at noon PST and ending at midnight PST so you'll have plenty of time to also handle all of that pesky social stuff.

Finally, if you just want to try out Starcraft 2 without dropping any money you can create a starter account which functions as an extended demo. It will allow you to play 5 missions of the campaign, custom multiplayer games and most importantly it will give you full access to custom games, one of the most fun parts of Starcraft 2.