Starbound's colony ship screenshot

After what feels like an eternity, but in reality is "only" 5 years, Starbound is finally nearing completion. In mere two weeks, July 22nd to be specific, Starbound will be leaving Steam's Early Access program and setting off towards the stars.

If you're wondering what Starbound looks like after all these years, here's a Youtube recording of the announcement stream where you'll be able to see a bunch of gameplay along with developer commentary:


As noted in the announcement message, the transition to "full release" will not mark the end of Starbound's development. Instead, you can expect to see even more features and events coming in the near future, and hopefully beyond that as well.

Starbound is currently available for $14/€14 on Steam, with the Early Access Q&A stating that "the price will likely change after Early Access". In other words, if you want to grab Starbound for the cheapest price possible, without waiting for another Steam Sale to roll on by, now would be the best time to do so as its still uncertain whether the price will change with the full release or not.

Starbound's forest of eyes