Star Wars Battlefront Dengar hero

If you've given up on Star Wars Battlefront until the next big update I'm afraid you won't find anything of interest here, but if you're looking for a more balanced and bug free gameplay experience then the January patch should be right up your alley. Most notably, you will no longer be able to chain-stun heroes as they will be granted two seconds of immunity after being stunned once, which should go a long way towards making them much more enjoyable to use.

Since the whole update is fairly small in size you'll find the full patch notes down below. Here's the list:


Various minor UI issues.

Various lighting fixes

Various minor art updates on Rogue One: Scarif maps

Game Modes:

Walker Assault: Fixed a bug where three uplinks could be seen at the same time on Rogue One: Scarif maps

Walker Assault: Adjusted all Hero spawn points on Rogue One: Scarif maps

Walker Assault: Changed Y-wing timer to 30 seconds on Rogue One: Scarif maps

Walker Assault: Adjusted AT-AT health across all maps

Walker Assault: Adjusted AT-AT speed on Twilight on Hoth

Infiltration: Adjusted playable area during The Approach

Infiltration: Fixed an issue where users could not grab another Data tape after using the Jump Pack

Hero Hunt: Fixed a bug with the Hero selection screen

Heroes vs. Villains: Changed to only 1 set per map

Battle Station: R2-D2 ignores benefits from Bacta Bomb and Medical Droid

Private Match: Fixed an end of round issue on Infiltration where the U-wing didn't spawn if switching teams in a 1v1 match

Weapons & Star Cards:

Sonic Imploder: Fixed criteria for Grenadier Hutt contract regarding the Flash requirement

Sonic Imploder: Increased blast radius from 2 to 4 meters

Sonic Imploder: Increased explosion damage from 90 to 100

TIE Striker: Raised projectile speed from 800 to 1000 meters/second

TIE Striker: Increased explosion damage from 5 to 10

A-180: Fixed a rare bug where users could be spawned with their regular Star Card primary hand instead of the A-180 module



- Most stuns will be prevented for 2 seconds after a Hero has been stunned once. This doesn’t apply to specific stuns like Force Choke and Force Push


- Reduced Microgrenades inner radius from 3 to 2.5 meters

- Reduced Microgrenades radius from 5 to 4 meters


- Increased Roar recharge time from 28 to 35 seconds

- Decreased main projectile Explosion damage from 45 to 38

Darth Vader

- Can now use his Saber Throw and Heavy Strike when Force Choking

- Increased Trait radius from 10 meters to 15

- Trait no longer affect enemies

- Trait values now correctly match the UI description, Level 1 20%, Level 2 50%, Level 3 80%


- Increased Trait radius from 8 to 13 meters

- Fixed looping stun animation on Trooper Bane shots

- Stormtroopers affected by Bacta will now be defeated by Trooper Bane

- Trait values now correctly match the UI description, Level 1 20%, Level 2 40%, Level 3 60%


- Increased Trait radius from 10 to 12 meters

- Armor Breaker is applying the armor reduction after the damage is done

- Reduced Armor Breaker homing capabilities

- Trait values now correctly match the UI description, Level 1 10%, Level 2 20%, Level 3 40%


- Decreased speed at Trait level 3 from 80% to 70%

- Shield Deflection can now block Krennic’s Armor Breaker ability


- Increased Pistol End damage from 35 to 69

- Increased Pistol start falloff damage from 40 To 50

- Increased Pistol end falloff damage from 60 To 70

- Decreased Rifle configuration Overheat per bullet from 0.068 to 0.055


- Will no longer be damaged from his Power Blast Explosion

- Power Blast now goes on cooldown properly after deactivation


- Stuns Luke out of Block for 2 seconds when shooting him with Slow targeting

Boba Fett

- Increased Flamethrower damage against Chewbacca by 50%


U-Wing: Fixed missile warning issues