Star Wars Battlefront's Death Star trench run

Given that we've seen it destroyed not once, not twice, but technically three times across the various Star Wars movies it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Star Wars: Battlefront will also give you a swing at the biggest punching bag the universe has ever known - The Death Star.

Star Wars: Battlefront's third expansion pack will bring with it a couple of new maps set on the Death Star or in space, a bunch of new weapons and star cards, and most excitingly for fans, the triumphant arrival of Chewbacca as a playable hero. Here's the trailer showing off the Death Star, and yes, the trench run as well:


The Death Star DLC will be available in September for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of Star Wars: Battlefront. Those that own the Season Pass will be able to play it two weeks early, so if you truly wish to explore the Death Star as soon as possible, that's your ticket.

Besides the two currently available expansions and the Death Star DLC once it finally releases, the Season Pass will also give you early access to a currently nameless expansion pack #4 that's set to arrive in early 2017, though what exactly its going to be about is completely unknown as of right now. Whether that's worth the €37,5 asking price, I'm afraid I can't really tell you as I don't own it, but it is currently on a 25% discount, so give it a look if you're interested.