I am genuinely impressed by EA right now. A major complaint many people had with Star Wars Battlefront was its lack of content and here we are, not long after launch, with EA announcing another free map pack after the Battle of Jakku.

The Battle of Jakku itself will be arriving December 1st for those that pre-ordered Battlefront while the general public will be able to play it a week later. The newly announced free content, which is still unnamed, will be coming over the course of the next few months and will contain new maps as well as star cards.

Unlike the newly announced DLC there is plenty of information about the upcoming Battle of Jakku.

Story wise it takes place shortly after the Empire's defeat at Endor and will tie in with the Force Awakens movie by showcasing how the planet became battle-scarred and littered with debris. More importantly it will add two new maps to the roster (including one for Walker Assault and Supremacy) and a whole new game mode titled Turning Point.

Turning Point in this case is a fancy name for an assault mode. The Rebel team will have to capture one of three available Empire control points in a given time limit after which they will be granted bonus time and a new set of points to go towards. The end goal of Turning Point is to locate and crush the Empire base, a prospect I can't imagine going well over at the Empire team.

As far as vehicles are concerned the rebels will mostly have a focus on speed with their vehicle of choice being the airspeeder while the Empire will have to use their AT-STs less as aggressive tools and more for mobile defense as the three control points will be quite spread out.

And a final bit of info on one of the new maps - the Graveyard of Giants. This one is probably going to be quite pretty too look at because while the players fight on the ground there will be a whole battle going on in the sky that will, at some point in the match, result in a burning wreck of a Star Destroyer crashing down on to the playing field. I'm sad I don't own the game now so I can see the confused face of that one guy when he starts to wonder why is everyone running away and why is the ground getting darker.

That's all folks but I have to say, despite Battlefront not being my type of game, I'm really glad to see it get free post launch support. Good on you EA.