Star Wars Battlefront 2 screenshot of the Droid tank on Naboo

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be coming to PC and consoles this November 17th, bringing with it a much larger variety of content than its predecessor. There will be a singleplayer campaign with an actual story to follow, a lot more maps to explore and demolish, a whole bunch of new weapons and vehicles spread across the various Star Wars time periods, a space-based combat mode with its own mechanics and special vehicles, and naturally, a new batch of heroes and villains to toy around with.

If all of this sounds like something you would love to check out, but you don't feel like spending €60 for the chance, you might be glad to hear that the Open Beta has now begun. The Open Beta will only last for until October 9th, so make sure to grab it from Origin as soon as possible. Its not a lot of time, but it should be enough to give you a good idea of what Battlefront 2 is all about, and whether its something you would even enjoy playing.

In terms of content the definite highlight of the Open Beta is the massive battle on Naboo, first featured during the reveal ceremony at E3 back in June. There are also a couple of side-modes to explore, modes such as Starfighter Assault on the planet Fondor, as well as a small-scale skirmish located in Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana. In other words, there might not be a lot of maps for you to roam around in, but the ones that are on offer should cover pretty much all aspects of gameplay besides the singleplayer story.

To learn more about Star Wars Battlefront 2, or just check out the various gameplay previews, you should head over to the official website. And finally, allow me to leave you with the Open Beta trailer. Enjoy!