Star Wars Battlefront 2 screenshot of space combat

Ever since Battlefront 2 was revealed during this year's E3 the gameplay trailers and previews were all pretty much focused on the ground combat and overall story. A real shame since some of Star Wars' most iconic and downright awesome moments happened in the depths of space, surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of clashing ships.

Thankfully that streak has now been broken, so if you're as much of a fan of space combat as I am, you'll be glad to hear that the most recent gameplay trailer focuses exactly on that. Its unfortunately not very long, but it sure is flashy! Have a look:

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be coming to PC and consoles on November 17th, but if you don't feel like waiting that long there will also be an Open Beta in October. More specifically, the Open Beta will be avialble for both PC and consoles on October 6th, while those that have decided to pre-order will be given access two days earlier, on October 4th. The Open Beta will last until October 9th, so you should have plenty of time to give Battlefront 2 a try and see whether its something you're going to enjoy or not. And finally, if you would like to learn more about the gameplay or story I would suggest heading over to the official website.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 screenshot of the star destroyer getting blown up