Star Wars Battlefront 2 screenshot of droids fighting Storm Troopers on Naboo

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is set to arrive on PC and consoles this November 17th, bringing with it a much larger variety of content than its predecessor. There will be a whole bunch of different planets and maps to explore, a space-based combat mode with its own unique mechanics and ships, an arsenal of weapons and vehicles from the various Star Wars time periods, and perhaps most surprisingly of all, a singleplayer story focused around an Imperial commander.

While the recently posted launch trailer doesn't go into any details, it should still give you a brief glimpse at everything Star Wars Battlefront 2 has to offer. Have a look, its a fairly short and flashy video:

If you're looking for a bit more information than tiny snippets of gameplay can deliver, you should head on over to the official website. And finally, allow me to share with you one of the earlier singleplayer story trailers. Once again, it doesn't really go into much detail, but it should still tell you everything you need to know as far as the story is concerned. Enjoy!