Star Wars Battlefront 2 screenshot of clones vs droids

In a rare moment of solidarity, the gaming community recently banded together to protest the truly ridiculous 'microtransactions' in Star Wars Battlefront 2. If you're wondering just how ridiculous things were, let's just say that unlocking one additional hero took upwards of 40 hours, while players willing to dish out hundreds of dollars could get a significant advantage over their fellow players given the extremely slow rate at which in-game currency could be gathered. This paid portion of the system has since been pulled back, at least for the time being, but the painfully slow in-game progression remained exactly the same.

Thankfully, the latest update has finally managed to address that problem by drastically increasing the number of in-game currency you can earn just by playing. The Arcade Mode now offers three times more Credits daily, the end-of-the-round payout has been buffed in order to reward contribution over simple time investment, and finally, the Daily Login Crates now provide additional crafting parts which can be used to create Star Cards. If you're interested in learning just a little bit more about this update, with the emphasis firmly placed on "little", you should head over to the official website.

Personally, I still think this is completely ridiculous. Not only is Star Wars Battlefront 2 a €60 game that wants you to purchase the Season Pass, but it actively limits the amount of content you get to play around with until you spring even more money. If all of the updates were free and the bonus content cosmetic I could understand EA's position here, but its completely the opposite.

So call me old fashioned, but I really don't see a reason why you or anyone else should grab Battlefront 2. They may have improved the rate at which you gain in-game currency, but you're still being forced to grind in order to play with the stuff you paid €60 for, and that's just not acceptable, especially when there are so many other games to play instead. If you want my advice, take 1/4 off that purchase and go grab Hollow Knight instead - its one of the best Metroidvania games I've ever played, and it keeps getting free updates despite already being surprisingly long.