Star Citizen's Gladius ship

Star Citizen is one of the most divisive games currently out there, with some considering it a work of pure, crowdfunded genius and others a barely functioning mess with no end in sight and plenty of overpriced DLC to pave the way. With such a wide range of opinions it can be hard to decide on who to trust, so why not go with the most trustworthy source you know, yourself!

As a part of its Summer Free Fly 2016 promotion, Star Citizen is completely free-to-play until July 22, so if you ever wanted to give it a try and form your own opinions, now would be the best time to do so. Do also bear in mind, however, that Star Citizen is still in an early alpha state, so don't expect to see a fully finished game just yet.

With the disclaimer out of the way, how do you even download this free trial of Star Citizen? Quite simple really. Just go to the official website, create an account, input the "SUMMERFREEFLY2016" promo code and you're ready to play... after you wait a couple of hours for the whole thing to download anyway.

On a somewhat different note, here's one of the most bizarre trailers I've seen a while. Its a music video... starring a vending machine named Big Bennys: