Star Citizen screenshot of a starship up close

Squadron 42 is an upcoming singleplayer campaign set in the Star Citizen universe. Much like Star Citizen itself, Squadron 42 is currently very early in development, although it does have a rather impressive list of features on its roadmap. If all goes according to plan you can expect to see a gigantic campaign that focuses on both storytelling and combat (in ships and on foot), an immersive universe filled with A-list voice actors, hand-crafted environments mixed in with procedurally generated ones, numerous ships and vehicles to pilot and explore the world with, and the list goes on.

While none of this is still anywhere near completion, the developers have just recently posted a lengthy preview showcasing a "vertical slice" of what Squadron 42 is all about. So if a singleplayer Star Citizen campaign is something you're interested in, and you don't mind watching unfinished gameplay, you'll find the recently posted developer video right below. Have a look:

If you don't have an hour to spare, however, I would recommend you head on over to the official website instead. It'll give you a pretty good idea of what Squadron 42 is currently like, what it's hopefully going to be, and what sort of stuff you'll get if you decide to pre-order it. 

That said, I would personally argue against pre-ordering as it's still too early to tell if Squadron 42 (or Star Citizen itself) is ever going to be a finished game, let alone a genuinely enjoyable one. So if you do decide to pre-order, just make sure you're doing so because you want to support the developers. After all, Star Citizen and its offshoots are going to take a while to come out, so you might as well wait and see what happens before deciding on any course of action.