Star Citizen level design - early phase

If you enjoy peeking behind the curtain in order to see how games are made, today is your lucky day. As a part of their "Around the Verse" series Star Citizen devs have released a detailed video going over how exactly they design levels.

The video is fairly lengthy, totaling at around 31 minutes, but it is definitely worth a watch if you're interested in the more technical aspects of video game development. But enough yapping from me, here's the video itself:

If you're interested in what these sort of principles look like in action you'll find one of the recent "Star Marine" preview videos over here. All of the footage you'll be watching is from an early version of the module, so its not going to be as polished as you would expect, but it should give you a good idea of what sort of atmosphere the developers are going for.

And finally, allow me to just give you a word of warning - Star Citizen is not a complete game! I know this is obvious information, but its incredibly easy to get swept away by all these previews, only to purchase the game and then realize there's very little to actually do right now. So unless you are willing to spend your money in order to support the developers in their endeavors I would recommend waiting for another year or two, just to be on the safe side.