Squad Based RPG Pixel Privateers has been announced

Pixel Privateers is a squad based tactical RPG with a big focus on exploration, alien extermination and loot, tons and tons of loot, with which you can customize your squad of privateers.

Its being developed by Quadro Delta, of Pixel Piracy fame, and will be arriving on Steam sometime in Q1 2016. Here's the announcement trailer:


The gameplay will have some roguelike elements to it as your merry group of space pirates is trapped in an unknown galaxy filled with plenty of worlds to explore, factions to anger, technology to research, skills to learn, and loot to plunder. While I don't have much information on how exactly the gameplay will function the fact that there are so many "spells" on the hotbar and enemies to use them on leaves me quite excited at the prospect of blazing through alien hordes.

Another factor worth mentioning is that Pixel Privateers will support co-op multiplayer with u to three people, each player controlling a squad. Given how tough and hectic some of the trailer battles seemed to be I have a feeling Pixel Privateers is going to be a great deal of fun with friends behind you, or ideally in front of you in order to soak up all those alien bullets. I just hope that the loot will be done on a per-player basis to avoid any arguments before they even begin.

There is also one final thing to keep an eye out for. While doing a bit of research on Pixel Privateers I read a couple of reviews on Pixel Piracy and while the majority of them are positive almost all of them mention poor performance in the "end game", even with excellent hardware. While this isn't related to Pixel Privateers I'd still urge you to give a few reviews a look before jumping in, just in case.

Pixel Privateers will be coming out on Steam sometime soon, Q1 2016 to be exact and if you're in to tactical RPGs I'd give it a look as it seems pretty cool.