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Awesome Games Done Quick 2017, a community orchestrated speedrunning event, has now ended after an entire week of non-stop action. But rather than simply break games for the sake of fun alone, AGDQ has spent the past week raising a rather ridiculous amount of money for charity - $2,215,773.30 to be specific! All of this will go the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused solely on cancer prevention and early detection, and if you would like to see the donation number raise even further you can make your own contribution over at the official website.

For those of you that don't know much about speedruning and what its all about, allow me to show you one of my personal favorites from this year's AGDQ. Its a two-way Shovel Knight race with a commentator that briefly explains pretty much every trick as it happens, as well as all of the decision that go into creating the perfect speedrun. So if you're interested in giving speedruns a try, and have a bit of time to spare, I'd recommend starting with this video:

And if you're itching to watch even more runs, you can find each and every single one of them over at the official Youtube channel. Do bear in mind that some of the videos currently have audio issues, so if you encounter one of those I'd recommend coming back in a couple of days as the AGDQ staff is currently working on cleaning them up. But if all of this is just not enough for you, worry not as Awesome Games Done Quick will return in the summer with a whole bunch of new games to break, and charities to support!