SPAZ 2 features some chaotic space battles

Space Pirates and Zombies (or SPAZ for short) was one of those games that despite its obvious imperfections ended up being a giant vacuum for free time, or as normal people say it, a rather fun game.

So imagine my surprise when I recently heard that a sequel, 3.5 years in the making, will be arriving on Steam Early Access in a little over a week, May 19 to be specific. If you share my befuddlement, here's the most recent trailer showcasing all of the advances the team made over the past few years:


According to the developer's plans announced on the Steam Store page, SPAZ 2 is going to be in Early Access for around 6-12 months, though don't be surprised if the expected release date gets pushed further back until the two-man team feels satisfied with the quality of their creation.

The Early Access version will feature all of the core content and will be fully playable, with enough content to last the average player a long, long time. Naturally, there will be balance issues, bugs, and various performance problems that will need to be solved over the course of its Early Access stay, so don't be among the first ones to join in unless you're ready to deal with some potentially annoying issues.

If you're interested in learning more about SPAZ 2 I'd suggest you head over to the official website, there's even some pretty screenshots to gawk at.

Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is now in 3D