Dolmen artwork for the Souls-like and Warframe inspired action-RPG

Seemingly inspired by both Warframe and the Souls series, the newly released Dolmen is a highly atmospheric action-RPG with the focus firmly placed on combat. Unsurprisingly, this means Dolmen brings with it a variety of melee and ranged weapons to toy around with, plenty of challenging enemies to slam your head against, as well as a dark and twisted world to explore.

While that is certainly a good base for an action-RPG, the bad news is that Dolmen has launched with a staggering array of problems. Bugs and performance issues appear to be everywhere, while the combat itself ranges from being rather competent to flat-out annoying depending on the circumstances. To put it quite simply, it's all a bit of a mess.

The reason I'm even giving Dolmen the time of day is because I believe it has the potential to be an engaging experience, though it will take a fair bit of effort and time from Massive Work Studio for us to get there. So while I wouldn't recommend diving in right now, especially not at the current 40€ price tag, I'd still keep an eye on Dolmen moving forward. After a couple of solid patches and a sizable discount, however, I could definitely see it becoming a janky jet enjoyable little souls-like.

You can keep an eye on Dolmen's progress, as well as check out some of the player reviews, over at Steam. Enjoy, and here's to hoping this whole story leads to a happy ending.