Infinite from the Sonic Forces game

Back in July of 2016 Sega announced that we will be getting two new Sonic games in 2017: one inspired by the original classics, and the other a modern 3D game. The 2D game ended up being Sonic Mania, a seemingly excellent adaptation of the classic Sonic games, while the 3D game has since been revealed as the somewhat silly but still intriguing Sonic Forces.

Over the past few months Sega revealed quite a few gameplay details for Sonic Forces, painting it to be a bit of a spiritual successor to Sonic Colors - a game most Sonic fans can agree on liking. However, they also released a bunch of story-related information and trailers, and these have been about as bizarre as you can possibly imagine. If you're not sure what exactly I'm talking about, I welcome you to check out the recently posted "Enter Infinite" trailer that showcases the new 'big bad'. Have a look:

The Sonic games and cartoons have never really had outstanding writing, but this entire trailer might just be exploring new lows for the series. Mind you, I'm still excited about Sonic Forces as it looks like a genuinely fun game, but does the story really need to play out like terrible fan-fiction from the early 2000s? I can only hope this is just Sega making fun of some common Sonic tropes, and not something we'll have to endure from the very start to the very end. There's only so much edginess a single man can handle after all.

There is no release date currently available, but you can expect to see Sonic Forces this holiday season on the PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch.