Symmetra's demon skin from the Overwatch Halloween Terror event

Overwatch's second annual Halloween Terror event is set to begin on October 10th, bringing with it a whole bunch of new cosmetics and an updated version of the Doctor Junkenstein event. And as is tradition with pretty much every single major Overwatch update, a lot of the upcoming cosmetics have now ended up being accidentally leaked. 

So if you're interested in seeing what the future will hold for Symmetra (pictured above), Zenyatta, Mei and Reaper, you'll find the images right below, courtesy of PfeiferWolf on Reddit who managed to get the screenshots in the first place. I'm afraid the images are not exactly amazing in terms of quality, but they'll do just fine as a small little preview of the Halloween event. Have a look:

Overwatch Halloween Terror screenshot of Zenyatta's Cthulhu themed cosmetic

Overwatch Halloween Terror screenshot of Mei as a zombie

Overwatch Halloween Terror event screenshot of Reaper as a vampire

The more observant among you have probably already noticed this, but the background to all of these images is the final point of Eichenwalde! In other words, expect to see the Halloween gate defense event move indoors once Doctor Junkenstein and his cronies have been dealt with. Naturally, this hasn't been officially confirmed and it could just be a promotional screenshot, but its a bit too much of a coincidence if you ask me. Either way, we'll find out soon enough as Halloween Terror 2017 is coming in a mere few days!