Sniper Elite 4's main character official artwork

If you feel the urge to return to the old days of FPS gaming where Nazis were the go-to punching bags, you'll be glad to hear that Sniper Elite 4's release date is just around the corner. After being delayed for quite a few months back in June, Sniper Elite 4 is now finally set to arrive on February 14th.

And in order to give you a brief idea of what in world Sniper Elite 4 is even all about Rebellion has released a fairly lengthy "101 Gameplay Trailer". It showcases pretty much everything from the story campaign to all of the new weapons you'll get to toy around with, so if you're looking for quick overview this video should do quite nicely. Have a look:

While this might sounds a bit strange, especially when you consider all of the new features the developers were showing off in the video, but I'm the most excited about seeing some actual color in a stealth-orientated shooter. Far too often the color pallet in these types of games consists of dirt-brown, shadowy-grey, puke-green, and who can forget the always lovely 'so dark you can't see two meters in front of you' black. So to see Sniper Elite 4 feature colorful landscapes filled with greenery and brightly colored buildings is a refreshing change of pace, and something I wholeheartedly welcome.

But if you're not as crazy as I am and you care more about the gameplay itself, you can find more information by going to either the official website or Steam. There's also a couple of gameplay previews as well, so make sure to check those out if you want to see what Sniper Elite 4 looks like without a distracting narrator constantly talking over the action. Enjoy!