Slay the Spire screenshot of the masked man event

With Slay the Spire's third and final pre-release character now fairly nicely balanced, the developers have turned to adding new content and polishing things up for launch. With that in mind, I'm sure it won't come as much of a surprise to hear that the most recent update has added a bunch of new Relics, a new event, and naturally, a couple of balance changes.

Besides the new Relics, one of the most important changes in this update is the simple fact that the third Relic sold by the merchant is now always a shop Relic. There are five new shop Relics in total so you won't be able to consistently get the ones you want, but it's still something you can potentially plan your deck strategy around.

As for the balance changes, there are two I feel are worth mentioning. First and foremost, the Chosen enemy's AI is now less random so it won't get stuck constantly attacking or trying to debuff you. The second and perhaps more impactful change is that Mind Blast is now always Innate but costs 2 energy. While I'm a bit sad to see a crucial "big deck" style card get nerfed, it's something that simply needed to happen given the absolutely ridiculous combos you could pull off with 0 cost Mind Blasts in Endless mode.

You can read more about this update over at Steam.