Shenmue 3 artwork for the Shenhua character

[Update]: Shenmue 3 has been revealed as an Epic Games Store exclusive, despite initially promising Steam keys to Kickstarter backers.

After already being delayed from 2018 to 2019, Shenmue 3's release date has now once against been pushed back. Thankfully, you won't have to wait nearly as long this time around given that Shenmue 3 has simply moved from August 27th to November 19th!

"Whilst almost ready, the game simply needs a little more refinement before being truly finished," reads the official update. "We feel that the extra time we have will help us deliver the true Shenmue experience players around the world deserve!"

As always, I am big fan of any developer that is willing to push their release date back in order to launch a game in exactly the shape they want it to. This goes doubly so for Shenmue 3 as they have the rather unenviable task of trying to create a game that simultaneously appeals to hardcore fans and casual players that don't seem to even know what the previous two were about!

You can read a little bit more about this delay, as well as follow any further updates, over at the official Kickstarter.