Main character in shadwen stealthily dragging a body beneath the logo

I love the direction games are taking these days. Even 5 years ago it would've been impossible to find stealth games, let alone good ones, and nowadays there are plenty to chose from with a lot more coming up. While the AAA might prefer remakes and retreads indie developers took it upon themselves to resurrect many niche genres, one of my favorite being the stealth games.

And that is exactly what Frozenbyte's recently announced Shadwen is. Not an action game that has stealth elements but rather one where you sneak because the enemies are far stronger and you will only be able to make it through with skill and wit rather than brutality.

While I'd love to offer you all the details I'm afraid there isn't a lot of information to go on right now but here's what is known:

You are on a mission to assassinate the king and along the way you will befriend an orphan who will follow you on your journey. Its not going to be a escort mission, don't worry, but you will have to make some tough choices in-front of her so there seems to be some sort of morality system in place. 

On the same note the entire game can be finished without spilling a drop of blood, just through pure stealth and trickery. Frozenbyte has also mentioned that actions have consequences so maybe if you go on a murdering spree in one mission the other one will have a beefier security detail? That would be pretty cool and reminiscent of how the old Thief games did it.

As you would imagine there will be plenty of lethal and non lethal tools to chose from. Expect deadly crossbow traps, poisons, smoke bombs and a whole lot other goodies.

A huge crossbow trap in Shadwen

I'd like to call this piece the "Human Mousetrap"

The biggest difference compared to normal stealth games is that time will stand still as long as you do, and you can even rewind time to try out different tactics if you mess up. I don't know if this is dictated by a resource or something else but the fact that you have this much control over the situation is leading me to believe that Shadwen is going to be as tough as nails because if you can mess with time and take as long as you want to plan your actions there has to be some reason for you to do that.

Trine is pretty famous for its use of physics and it seems that Shadwen will follow that example as well. You will be able to move pieces of the environment around in order to create hiding spots, lure guards in to traps, give yourself a boost to get up to higher ledges as so forth. Best of all there is a freely attachable rope you can use to combine various objects together allowing you to create impromptu traps that cause "accidental" deaths, something I can't say I've seen in stealth games so far so that'll be interesting.

That's all of the available information so far, if anything more comes up I'll make sure to keep you updated. And finally, here's the announcement trailer.