Shadowverse Dragoncraft screenshot

The Shadowverse storyline has recently been bolstered by the addition of a second chapter for three characters: Arisa, Erika, and Luna. While the writing is still incredibly stilted and cheesy I must admit that the story this time around is much more compelling, though definitely still not something I would consider Shadowverse's main selling point.

Besides the new storyline the update has also brought with it nerfs to Goblin Mage and Piercing Rune, a variety of minor improvements, as well as an Elite 2 difficulty setting for the Practice AI. Both Goblin Mage and Piercing Rune are still perfectly usable, but if you are in need of some more Vials you can destroy them for full value: 200 for Piercing Rune, and 50 for Goblin Mage. If you don't intend to use them right away its probably wise to destroy them as you can always craft them back for the same amount of Vials.

I would also recommend completing all of the new singleplayer content, both the story campaign and the Elite 2 AI challenge. The singleplayer campaign will give you a small amount of Gold and Vials, as well as three Take-Two Arena tickets, while beating each new AI will net you an amazing 200 gold. In other words, if you beat all of the AI characters on Elite 2 difficulty you will be able to buy 14 new packs! That's quite the deal, so make sure you take the developers on their offer and bolster your collection even further. And if you ever get stuck, just remember that the AI doesn't deal with aggro decks very well.