Shadowverse artwork for Wonderland Dreams expansion

After the very underwhelming Tempest of the Gods expansion Shadowverse is due for another meta shake-up as the Wonderland Dreams expansion is now live. The newly added expansion brings with it 104 brand new cards to mess around with, many of which are powerful Neutral options designed in order to increase deck-building choices for all classes, as well as new story chapters for the admittedly mediocre singleplayer campaign. Oh, and naturally, the developers are giving away a whole bunch of free card packs in order to celebrate the expansion's launch!

While a trailer for a card game expansion probably won't give you much in terms of useful information, the recently posted video does at least set the mood and theme for the Wonderland Dreams expansion. Have a look:

If you're interested in all of the new cards and potential strategies you can peruse the fresh additions by heading over to the official website. That said, I consider Shadowverse Portal to be much smoother and faster when it comes to browsing through all of the new cards, so pick your poison.

There has also been a minor update released alongside the expansion, though it doesn't feature any sort of card or balance changes for obvious reasons. The patch notes are fairly small, so allow me to send you off with the brief and rather vague list:

- New card expansion: Wonderland Dreams

- New chapters to the main story

- Solo player missions

- Set leaders for individual decks

- Options added to private match mode: create your opponent's deck, Best of 3, and Best of 5

- Skip Battle feature added for chapters of the main story already cleared

- Buy Items added to the Shop

- Temporary vial bonus ends for liquefying Prince Catacomb, Lightning Blast, and Wind Reader Zell

- Switch between different text and voice language options

- Change in card text

- Adjustments to card mechanics

- Changes to cards that appear in Take Two