Shadow Warrior 2 gameplay screenshot

With Shadow Warrior 2's October 13th release date just around the corner, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that there is a brand new gameplay video out there. As with all other Shadow Warrior videos, this one contains plenty of demons getting sliced into teeny weeny ribbons, horrendous attempts at making "Wang" jokes funny, and most importantly, a nice showcase of the arsenal you'll be able to toy around with.

Before you hop in, do bear in mind that this video isn't one of those "cut between a whole bunch of action shots" type of ordeals. Its just 12 minutes of someone playing the game, shooting down a ton of demons and other nasties, and accidentally falling off buildings in a completely hilarious fashion. Have a look:

While I'll reserve my judgement for when Shadow Warrior 2 actually releases, I'm still not exactly happy with how the gunplay feels. The revolvers pack one hell of a punch, there's no denying that, but the rest of the arsenal just seems so meek and ineffective against the demons. The cyber-katana is able to slice and dice enemies by the dozens in the span of a second, while shooting big enemies with a shotgun feels more like a gentle massage than the wrath of god.

This was a problem I had with Shadow Warrior 1 as well. Outside of explosive weapons that are good for clearing out the riff raff, its almost always better to just grab the sword and magic your way through the game. So here's to hoping Flying Wild Hog manages to sort out these balance issues by the time Shadow Warrior 2 releases, because as everyone knows, its always good to have plenty of options on hand when carving your way through an entire demonic horde.

To end all of this on a bit of a positive note, allow me to list out all of the things I feel have been greatly improved since Shadow Warrior 1: graphics, dismemberment physics, level design (no more bloody circular arenas!), melee weapon animations, enemy variety, and probably a whole bunch of other things I haven't been able to spot in this video alone. Long story short, its well worth keeping an eye on Shadow Warrior 2, despite some potential problems.

Shadow Warrior 2 shotgun blast