Shadow of War screenshot of a giant flaming Balrog

Shadow of War is the upcoming sequel to the much-decorated Orc slaughterfest Shadow of Mordor. Once it arrives on August 22nd it will bring with it a new and improved Nemesis system, the ability to siege castles with your personal army of Orcs, followers that can help you plan out assassinations or assist in combat, and an even better open world to explore.

While the details are still fairly light, the developers have just recently released a brief teaser showcasing the fancy new visuals and some of the open-world locations you'll be able to slaughter even more Orcs in. Oh, and there's apparently a dragon in there somewhere as well! Have a look:

The visuals aside, I do like the idea of having an entire army of Orcs at my beck and call. If the castle sieges can be done in a way that makes them interesting and ideally non-repetitive, this could be the one thing Shadow of War needs in order to stave off that feeling of boredom that starts to creep in during the mid-end game when you've already killed an Orc in every way imaginable. Different army compositions, different types of castles, different approaches - all of these things can be used to make sieges something truly great, so here's to hoping the developers will manage to do just that. It really would be a massive waste of potential if they ended up being just another side-attraction you do in 5 minutes and then move on to a different point of interest on the map.

And finally, if you're looking for a more gameplay-orientated video you will find the original "gameplay walkthrough" trailer over here. It doesn't really go in-depth on any one topic, but it should give you a good idea of what exactly Shadow of War is trying to accomplish. Enjoy!