Serious Sam 4 official artwork without logo

[Update #2]: Serious Sam 4 has now been delayed and will be launching in September, 2020

[Update]: Croteam has released a brand new Serious Sam 4 gameplay preview, and sadly it's a bit of a disappointing one.

If turning off your brain and simply mowing down enemies by the thousands sounds like a good bit of fun, you might be happy to hear that Serious Sam 4 will soon be upon us. Expect to see a variety of new and returning enemies, plenty of ridiculous weapons to paint the landscape with, the ability to play the entire campaign in 4-player co-op, and perhaps most importantly of all, the largest horde of monsters the series has seen to date.

As for how exactly any of this translates into gameplay, that you'll find out through two of the recently posted previews. Have a gander, there really is an impressive amount of enemies on display!

Serious Sam 4 will be coming to Steam and Google Stadia this August, though no exact release date has been given just yet. It's a bit of a strange move to skip out on the console versions in favor of the unproven Stadia, especially for a fast-paced FPS game, so I do hope Croteam has some trick up their sleeves in order to make the whole thing work well.

I suppose we'll find out more about that in the near future, but for now you can dive into Serious Sam 4 and what it has to offer by hopping over to Steam.