Sengoku Dynasty official artwork and logo

Similar to last year's Medieval Dynasty, the upcoming Sengoku Dynasty is a detailed life sim about trying to build a thriving village in feudal Japan. Whether you're aiming to do this in singleplayer or co-op, the whole process will start with you manually harvesting resources and slowly crafting tools, as well as personally protecting your humble settlement from both hordes of bandits and the weather itself.

However, once you manage to automate most of the simple tasks with the help of your villagers, Sengoku Dynasty will become more a town management game rather than a purely survival-based life sim. At that point your goal will be to focus on expanding your community all across the valley, researching advanced technology like medicine and gunpowder, and handling any potential disputes with your neighbors in a hopefully somewhat civilized fashion.

While the end result was certainly a bit clunky, all of this ended up working out rather well in Medieval Dynasty, so here's to hoping Sengoku Dynasty will manage to improve upon its predecessor and make things far smoother to play. Also, I really do hope we get an actual tutorial this time around, because trying to figure out how to survive through the first winter in Medieval Dynasty was quite the adventure!

But enough of my yammering! You can get a little bit of a teaser of what Sengoku Dynasty is going for through the recently posted trailer. Have a gander:

No exact release date has been announced just yet, but you can expect Sengoku Dynasty to arrive into Early Access at some point in 2022. To learn more about it, as well as the Sengoku era it's set in, you should hop over to Steam. Enjoy!

Sengoku Dynasty screenshot showing a colorful landscape and a bridge

Sengoku Dynasty screenshot showing a shrine in the village