Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice screenshot of the new GOTY outfit

Quite a long time has gone by since Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice first launched, but I'm happy to say that FromSoftware has now returned with a major new update in tow! The update brings with it new challenges, unlockable outfits, as well as a brand new way to interact with your fellow players.

First things first, the update has added the Reflection of Strength, which allows you to use any of the Sculptor’s Idols to rematch defeated bosses. Besides the sheer pleasure of stomping over bosses that previously gave you trouble, the Reflection of Strength is going to be extremely helpful for those attempting to beat the second newly added challenge - the Gauntlet of Strength.

True to its name, the Gauntlet of Strength requires you to beat every single boss in succession, all the while limited to only one life! And if that wasn't hard enough, some of the bosses have been upgraded with different attack patterns, animations and combat styles. So if you want to prove your complete dominance over everything Sekiro can throw at you, the Gauntlet of Strength is definitely the place to do it.

Much like some of the ridiculous challenges in previous Souls games, the Gauntlet of Strength brings with it some fancy new rewards. To be more specific, there are two new outfits to unlock as you progress through the Gauntlet of Strength, while the third and final new outfit can be unlocked by completing the game once. These outfits are entirely cosmetic, but as we're all aware, looking good is the most important part of Souls game so they are definitely still worth the effort.

The final major feature are Remnants, a brand new take on the classic Souls message system. Through the use of Remnants you will be able to record a 30 second chunk of gameplay, which you can then share with your fellow players in order to help them bypass a difficult section, or just demonstrate how remarkably skilled you are at randomly flinging yourself off cliffs.

Have fun with the new boss rush mode, and if you're interested in a few more tidbits of information, you can find what you seek over at the Activision website.