Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops & Viking: Battle For Asgard are currently free

Sega's Make War Not Love competition has now ended with Dawn of War 2 crowned as the supreme victor after a dominating show of fan support. In honor of such a victory Sega has given out a free piece of DLC for Dawn of War 2 which you can claim here though expect the keys to be delayed a week or so due to the amount of requests.

Besides that one piece of DLC Sega has also released the final trio of free games: Gunstar Heroes, Renegade Ops and Viking: Battle for Asgard. Here's a short description of each one and how exactly you can claim them:

Gunstar Heroes is one of the most fun action platformers from back in the day that despite being somewhat of a cult classic doesn't seem to have as much recognition as it should. If you're a fan of Contra or Megaman styled games then you'll find plenty of joy with Gunstar Heroes as well.

Renegade Ops is a fast paced, balls-to-the-wall arcadey shoot'em up with some nice graphics, destructible enviroments and tons of enemies to blow up. Its fun enough in single player mode but if you can, convince a friend to play it with you in co-op as that's where Renegade Ops really starts to shine.

Viking: Battle for Asgard is a hack and slash where you get to lead and battle alongside huge armies of Vikings against enemies inspired by Nordic lore. While it sounds absolutely amazing on paper in reality it is unfortunately a buggy, broken mess that's a lot more trouble than its worth. Unless you're really in to the Viking theme I would recommend you skip this one.

In order to claim these three games you'll have to disable add-block or any other tracker-blocking software you might have and go over to the Make War Not Love website. Scroll down to near-bottom and press the Redeem Prize button, it might take you a few times depending on server load. Once you've accomplished that make sure to confirm your email and that is it. The key will most likely take a couple of days to arrive so don't panic if it doesn't show up within the hour.

Its also worth noting that this is the final day of the Make War Not Love competition, for this year at least. As such there will be no more votes to cast, no more free games to earn and no more twitter trash talk to enjoy. Have fun with the free games!