Close up screenshot of Bayonetta

April Fools' has now come and gone, and with it a whole bunch of ridiculous 'reveals' and announcements. It is amidst all of that madness that SEGA sneakily released a rather bizarre little game on Steam - an oldshool 2D run n' gun called 8-Bit Bayonetta. The game itself is completely unremarkable, and I'd even go as far as to call it downright boring, but for an April Fools' gag I suppose its a solid effort. The only issue is that PC players never actually got to play Bayonetta, so why release this little homage on Steam alone?

Well, as it turns out, by combining the achievement names you can get a link that points towards a very special page on SEGA's website. Instead of a silly little joke as you would expect, the website actually features a picture of Bayonetta's boot along with a countdown that currently has 9 days remaining! Obviously there is no official word about any of this as of yet, but given how a similar countdown for Total War: Warhammer (2) resulted in a massive announcement, I think its safe to assume we're finally going to be getting Bayonetta on the PC.

If you're looking for some concrete information I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until the countdown hits 0 because there simply aren't any more clues to go off on, not even hidden little Easter eggs in the source code. So until more details get revealed allow me to send you off with the fairly ancient launch trailer: