Secret World Legends artwork for a ruined shipyard

The Secret World is one of the most intriguing MMOs I've ever played. Despite being designed with thousands upon thousands of players in mind it still managed to tell an interesting story, one that is full of secrets and conspiracies at every turn. Unfortunately, the actual gameplay in The Secret World was a confusing mess of spells and abilities that not only looked mediocre, but also did barely any damage.

In an effort to correct all of the flaws, and hopefully breathe back life into The Secret World, Funcom will soon be launching a free-to-play reboot by the name of Secret World Legends. It will feature massively revamped combat mechanics, a redesigned progression system, numerous visual improvements, as well as an even bigger focus on storytelling. Its a rather ambitious task, but I really do hope Funcom manages to pull it off as The Secret World deserves far more than the mediocrity it currently wallows in.

Secret World Legends will be officially released this Monday, June 26th. If you would like to learn more, or at least figure out what exactly is changing between The Secret World and Secret World Legends, you should visit the official FAQ. Its quite extensive so it should give you the answers you seek. If you prefer things in a visual format, however, allow me to send you off with the somewhat recent "What is Secret World Legends" video: