Overwatch artwork showing all of the heroes

Overwatch has recently been updated with a whole bunch of new Legendary skins and dance emotes for all heroes, which has somewhat overshadowed the fact that Season 4 of Competitive Play is nearing its end. As of right now you only have 3 days and 7 hours to push towards your chosen rank as Season 4 is set to end on Sunday, May 28th at 5pm PT.

As for Season 5, you'll be very glad to hear that the break between the two seasons will not be as long this time around. Ironically, it might even be a little bit too short given that Season 5 of Competitive Play is set to begin on Wednesday, May 31st at 5pm PT. So if you haven't already done your placement matches, make sure to do so because those shiny, shiny golden weapons won't acquire themselves!

And speaking of which, if you're interested in how much Competitive Points each rank will receive at the end of the season, here's the full list:

1-1499 SR (Bronze): 100 CP

1500-1999 SR (Silver): 200 CP

2000-2499 SR (Gold): 400 CP

2500-2999 SR (Platinum): 800 CP

3000-3499 SR (Diamond): 1200 CP

3500-3999 SR (Master): 2000 CP

4000-5000 SR (Grandmaster): 3000 CP

All of the rewards besides those for Top 500 players are based on your season high, so if you've managed to reach a high rank only to drop out in the last few days, worry not as you'll still get the higher prize. The same applies to Master and Grandmaster players even though their icons disappear once they drop down to a lower rank. And just in case you were uncertain, Competitive Points carry over between seasons, so even if you can't get a golden weapon right now its still well worth pushing for a higher rank. Good luck!