Overwatch Halloween Terror screenshot of Dragon Symmetra

If you're like me and you're currently waiting for the dreadfully boring post-season break to pass, you'll be glad to hear that Overwatch's 13th competitive season is nearly upon us. To be more specific, Season 13 will start at 5pm PDT this October 31st, or about 5 hours from the time of writing.

Blizzard hasn't announced any major content updates just yet, but with Blizzcon 2018 just around the corner, chances are good we'll be getting a brand new hero at some point this season. There are plenty of rumors about who the newest hero might be, mostly centered around the newly reworked Route 66 payload, but I would advise ignoring most of them as only one leak so far has proven to be accurate, and even that one took many months to fully materialize.

However, while I can't tell you anything about the upcoming content, I can tell you that there is currently a rather significant balance update on the PTR. Roadhog has recieved numerous buffs and is now an actual hero rather than a mobile punching bag, Reaper's damage output and lifesteal have been increased in order to make him more relevant in today's meta, while Mercy and Symmetra have both scored some minor yet still quite impactful changes.

You can find all of the important details in my previous patch overview, but long story short, the update is poised to shake up the meta and bring some serious counters to heroes like Doomfist and Brigitte. How exactly all of this pan out when the patch actually hits the live servers, only time will tell, but I'm certainly happy to see the ol' piggy back in the saddle yet again!

Once more information is revealed, most likely during Blizzcon, I'll make sure to let you know, and until then I wish you the best of luck with this newest competitive season!