Sean Bean from the Civilization VI trailer

Sean Bean, seemingly on a break from dying in every movie he stars in, has opted to a bit of voice-work for the E3 gameplay demo of Civilization 6, and the results are quite glorious, I must admit. You'll also be happy to know that he does indeed make it to the very end of the 12 minute long demo!

Silliness aside, the gameplay demo charts the rise of a nation, from its humble beginnings, all the way to its cosmic destiny. If you ever wondered what the Civilization series is all about, this video will give you a pretty clear picture of what exactly goes into creating a worldwide superpower, without any of the sleepless nights that somehow always occur in the process:


Civilization 5 is a pretty damn good game, I don't think many will disagree on that, but it certainly didn't start out as one, and it took a lot of updates and expansions before it finally matched the glory of its predecessor. Civilization 6, however, seems to be quite solid from the get-go, and even these early gameplay demos are something I would love to get my hands on as soon as possible. Alas, we'll all have to wait until October 21 to finally get the chance.

Finally, here's one of the recently posted videos that details City Districts, and how you can use them to specialize your sprawling metropolis: