Samorost 3 space moth screenshot

Samorost 3 is the latest puzzle adventure from Amanita Designs, the folks behind Machinarium and Botanicula, and as you might expect given its pedigree its filled with gorgeous art and a wide assortment of 'music' that is just as alien, and enjoyable, as the game itself.

While it might seem on first glance that the creation process behind this sort of music is incredibly complex, what with there being scenes with space-lizards singing the opera in perfect pitch, the truth of the matter is that its just a bunch of people making silly noises, which was then transformed through what I assume is dark sorcery into something actually melodious.

Here's the video so you can have a look, or rather a listen for yourself:


The video doesn't go very deep into the actual technical aspects behind each melody, and while I would certainly love to see it I am perfectly happy to settle for a short and hilarious video with a bunch of (most likely) serious voice actors trying to retain a straight face while going "BOOP, WOoop, WOO, FOOOooo" into the microphone.  

Hats off to whomever managed to collect all of those sounds and transform them into one of my favorite scenes from the game, the one with the aforementioned space-lizards, as that could not have been an easy task.

If you're into point & click adventures I'd suggest you give Samorost 3 a look, I had a great deal of fun doing my review of it.