Saints Row 4 official artwork and logo

With their third-person action-adventure Agents of Mayhem just around the corner, Volition has decided to drum up a bit of excitement with a massive sale on the Saints Row series. If you don't know much about these games or whether they're even any good, worry not as Saint's Row 4 is completely free to try out on Steam for the next 28 hours!

I would personally recommend you give it a bash, because as far as completely ridiculous third-person shooters are concerned there are very few that can match Saints Row. Combine that with the fact that its one of the rare few AAA games that feature co-op and you've got yourself a rather enjoyable way to spend a dozen hours. Its not going to change your perception of the world or teach you anything new, but at least you'll be able to cross out "murder via dildo-bat" off your list.

If you find yourself enjoying what you see you can grab the full version of Saints Row 4: Game of the Century Edition at a rather sizable 80% discount. The offer will end on August 14th so there really isn't much time to think about it, but with the price being so low I doubt its going to be much of a problem. And for those of you wondering what all of this madness might look like in gameplay terms, here's one of the original launch trailers. Enjoy!